SPoFs and SPoCs

In systems design, a Single Point of Failure (SPoF) is a component that brings everything down if it fails – for example, a single master server machine that is your only way to communicate with a cluster of child servers. Having a SPoF in your design is supposed to be a Bad Thing.

In organizational jargon, a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) is a person who represents a group to another group with respect to some project or issue. Having a designated SPoC is supposed to be a Good Thing, as it cuts down on confusion about who to talk to.

But … isn’t a SPoC also a SPoF? Hmm.

One Response to SPoFs and SPoCs

  1. lisa says:

    In our company, SPoC is actually a group of people who represent the company with a particular set of customers. They are responsible for synthesizing specialized information for the organization according to an organized process and protocol. It’s a clusterSPoC, so not as risky as a master server. I like your analogy anyway. 🙂

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